Kathy Jacobs Design and Marketing

Website Reviews

Having someone outside of your business or organization examine your website for usability, page content, search engine optimization features, and other important components can provide insight into your current site design and function and uncover opportunities to improve your website. I offer three levels of website reviews which allow you to select the one that best fits your needs and your budget.

How It Works

I will send you an initial set of questions that will help give me a clearer understanding of your goals, needs, and current status of your website. I will also ask you to mail or email me samples of your other print marketing pieces. This helps give me a broad overview of your business or organization and its marketing efforts.

Next, we will schedule a 30 minute pre-review interview where we will go over in more detail the pre-review questions that I sent you. You will also have the opportunity to ask me questions or point out parts or features of your website that you would really like me to focus on.

7-14 business days after our pre-review interview, I will mail you a hard copy of your report. The report will cover the current status of your website, website basics, overall site design, page content, usability, and search engine optimization features. How detailed the report is depends on the review option that you have selected.

After you have had time to read the review, we will schedule another 30 minute conference call using GoToMeeting so that you and I can both see your website at the same time while we discuss the recommendations and points in the review.

Visit the Website Reviews Prices page to learn more about the different levels of review and associated pricing.