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Benndale Workshop Poster

Use and Design of Posters

A poster can be a great way to locally advertise a special event.  They can range in size and complexity.  Small runs can be printed at your local copy shop, though this limits some of the design capabilities.  Larger runs are cheaper to run at a larger printer.  Ask your printer for an estimate before you begin a project.  Reducing your design to 2-colors will usually reduce the price.

Posters should be designed to be eye-catching, to stop passers-by and encourage them to find out what you are promoting. But make sure that you aren't obscuring the important information with your design. If people who look at the poster can't determine what it is for or forget the moment they walk away, then your poster isn't very effective.Road Rides mini poster

Text should be very limited and focus on the important details – the name of the event, time and place, contact information, and a few benefits.  Once you have their interest, direct them to call you or visit the website for more information.  Consider buying a domain specifically for this event to make it easier for potential customers to find the information, but don’t forget about the “radio test” when choosing a domain name for your website