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Resources for Non-Profit Organizations

There are several programs and resources that non-profit organizations can use or apply for to get a discount on the technological tools that will benefit their programs. I have compiled a listing of some of the resources below.

Adobe has a non-profit licensing program, which allows various organizations including 501(c)3 organizations, religious organizations, hospitals, and government organizations to purchase Adobe products at a discount. The information is listed at: http://www.adobe.com/nonprofit/pdfs/open_options_nonprofit.pdf. The list of resellers of Adobe software for non-profits can be found online  http://partners.adobe.com/resellerfinder/na/education.jsp?nav=npa

TechSoup Stock is a technology product philanthropy service just for nonprofits. They facilitate many programs that pair nonprofits with the software or technology that will help them acquire and use technology effectively. They also produce information and a learning center accessible online. Visit the techsoup stock website for more detailed information.

OpenOffice.org provides free office suite software that is compatible with other office software systems and allows you to create PDF's. This suite includes a word processing, database, graphic, presentation, and drawing software.

Google Adwords
Google has a grant program for non-profit organizations to get some in-kind advertising using Google AdWords.

DreamHost offers free website hosting services to registered, 501(c)3 non-profit organizations in the United States.