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Using a Digital or Print Newsletter

Managing mailing lists

Whether you deliver your newsletter via email or regular mail, managing your mailing list is very important. There are several online companies that can help you manage email marketing. However, if your list is under 100 names, using a program like Excel may work.

Newsletters are very useful tools to reach your target audience, but you want to decide whether sending a hard copy or emailing a newsletter is the best way to get your audience to read your content. Some of the things you will want to consider are

1) the preferences of your target audience.
Do they spend a lot of time on the computer? Are they comfortable reading digital copy or do they prefer to read paper versions? Are they inundated with email so that your newsletter may be lost in the shuffle?

2) the printing and mailing costs versus the cost of the maintenance of a mailing database.
Printing and mailing costs can be pretty substantial for certain quantities of newsletters, though you can get a price break for bulk mailing or for printing certain quantities. If your mailing database is pretty small, you can probably maintain it yourself without spending too much time and energy on it. However, as your list grows, you may want to look into obtaining email database management services from a company such as Constant Contact.

NRE Newsletter

3) will it stand out?
If your target audience receives a lot of email and tends to delete a large majority of it, then an email newsletter may get lost in the shuffle. However, you must assume if they signed up for the newsletter, they are interested in the information. It's up to you to write articles that they continue to read and be interested in. Then again, there's something to be said for printed material. So many things are delivered digitally that a printed newsletter might stand out in the crowd and be noticed. Not sure of the answer? Ask some of your clients what they would prefer or send half by email and half in print and then survey your readers to see how many were actually read.. This will help to give you a better insight into your target audience before you invest in a long term strategy.