Kathy Jacobs Design and Marketing

Marketing Plans and Review of Current Marketing Activities

Is your marketing and advertising working for you? If you haven't updated your marketing plan or kept up with current marketing trends or new tools, then it may be time to review your marketing and advertising activities. There could be some untapped tools that you could be using to reach your target markets.

We'll discuss your current marketing and advertising activities, your customer databases, any survey results you have, and your target markets. I will do some research and develop some recommendations based on your business model, your customer base, your target market, and your current marketing activities. We will discuss these recommendations and develop a new marketing plan that incorporates some of your previous activities and some new marketing tools, keeping in mind your marketing budget.

Surveying your customers

Do you survey your customers? Do you ask them a few simple questions after your business is conducted? This is one of the most important tools you can use in determining if your marketing is working for your business. If you don't ask your customer how they heard about you or what caused them to use your services over your competitors, you can not determine where your marketing dollars are best spent.

If you aren't currently conducting surveys of your customers, we will need to gather some data over a period of 6 months or so prior to initiating the in-depth review of your marketing. If you have a website and aren't currently collecting visitor statistics, we will initiate this data collection to gather useful information about your web traffic.

Online and offline marketing

Your online and offline marketing activities need to complement one another. Branding is one of the major tools to accomplish this. Having all of your marketing materials present a unified message through the use of taglines, colors, symbols, wordmarks or logos, and images can make your marketing dollars go further. During the review of your current marketing activities, we can look at your materials to determine if they present a unified message or theme to your target audience. Often, having an outsider look at your marketing materials can help strengthen them by bringing to light any unclear messages or calls-to-action that an industry insider would take for granted.

If you are interested in having a review of your current marketing activities and plan or on starting a new marketing plan, contact me for your free one-on-one consultation.