Kathy Jacobs Design and Marketing

Producing quality marketing materials

Potential customers will judge your business by the marketing materials you produce.  If they look professional, customers will see you as a well-established business that will provide good service or products.

What to Include in a Brochure

A brochure can be a very useful tool. It can provide detailed information about your business that may “sell” the consumer and encourage them to take an action such as give you their address, contact you, return a form, visit your website, etc.

Although it may seem like a good deal to make your own brochure or produce it in black and white only, a professionally designed, color brochure will not only catch the eye of potential customers, but it also emphasizes your commitment to your business, your professionalism, and the permanence of your business.

Making a Tri-fold Brochure

Select three specific benefits to feature on the three inside panels of your brochure.  Keep the information brief and easy to read by using bullets, headings, bolding titles, and increasing spacing between lines.  Make sure you are using an easy to read font and a good font size.

Too much text appears cluttered and many people will not take the time to read cluttered text.  Don’t reduce the size of a font to get more text on a page.  Be concise and clear in your writing, but speak to your potential client in the first person.  Provide photos for examples or use other graphic elements for eye appeal.

On the third inside panel or on the third outside panel, put a call to action, a coupon, or a form for potential customers to fill out.  Your brochure should have some call to action on it or it is doing its job for your business.

Brochures can be designed as a self-mailer so that you can send them to your customer list or to a purchased list of potential customers. Using a brochure for direct mail may not be the best use of your marketing dollars unless you are featuring a special event or a brand new product/service.  A general brochure can be used at festivals, at conventions after speaking with a potential customer, or to mail to someone who requests more information.