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The front and back pages of a brochure

Cover page

The cover page of your brochure should entice potential customers to pick it up and open it.  Don’t put a lot of text on the front cover, instead emphasize some photos of your product or a customer engaged in a fun activity.

The front cover is also a good place to put a tagline that emphasizes the main benefit to consumers or sums up your product offerings.  If you have created a “brand identity” (i.e. specific colors, fonts, styles of photos etc.) for other marketing materials, you should use the same on your brochure.  If you have a website, consider putting the address (or a contact phone number) on the front cover as well.  If this is the only part of your brochure that customers will see, give them a way to contact you.

Back cover

Back of two brochures

If potential customers flip your brochure over, they will expect to find detailed contact information on the back cover.  You can add photos in this space as well to make it visually appealing.

Learn more

To read more about some recommendations for content and placement of content on brochures, visit the Resources page. One of the best ways to learn about what works for brochures, is to look at many examples and see what appeals to you - less words, lots of words, color photos, black and white photos, tri-fold, bi-fold, two color etc.